My First Postcard From Postcrossing


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Postcard from the USA – Texas Longhorn fun fact, United States of America

This postcard is the first one I received from Postcrossing. It is, in particular, from the United States of America and I received it on 19.10.2015. The person wrote it on 30.09.2015 with a lot of kind words and best wishes. This postcard has a special bond to my heart specifically because it is the first one I have from Postcrossing, and the first one from the USA as well. Fun fact: ,,The Texas Longhorn steer’s horns can measure over 9 feet (2.7 meters) from tip to tip. This is the widest horn span in the bovine world!” So far, I really love Postcrossing, and I think that I will keep sending postcards, so I can receive more amazing postcards from all over the world. How amazing is that, right?

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